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Ayurveda means science of life, wisdom developed by Indians over five thousand years ago. It is one of the oldest existing medicinal systems, but as old as it may seem, it is still very applicable today. This ancient medicine combines MIND, BODY and SOUL in the same science, not just treating the body or the soul. When we put this puzzle together (body, mind and soul) we were able to see results that we had been looking for for a long time, but had not yet gotten an answer.


We need to realize that the “individual is individual” and the same eating plan, the same type and intensity of physical exercise, cannot be applied to everyone. A classic example of this: some people drink coffee and barely feel its effect, while some drink it and are so agitated they can't sleep. Therefore, in Ayurveda each person is a unique being who has a DOSHA of his constitution (prakruti) and an imbalanced DOSHA (vrikruti). The constitution will not change throughout your life, on the other hand, the imbalance can change for several reasons, such as climate, location, eating habits, lifestyle, age, among others. All people have the three doshas, ​​but in varying proportions. Through the predominant Dosha or the imbalanced dosha of each individual, we are able to establish a specific and targeted treatment.


There are 3 doshas that we can have in our constitution: pitta, vatta and karpha.

Do you want to discover yours and balance them to reach the desired result?

Make an appointment with me.



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