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Detox Program

Ayurveda teaches that food is MEDICINE

You don't need a bunch of supplements, magic shakes, or some programs where you starve. This type of detox gives you better eating habits in the long term, and it helps with disordered eating patterns.

In our DETOX program, we want to show you that with what you already have at home, you can get your body, shape, health and vitality back, without spending your money on "magic" supplements.

Weight loss 
Improved overall health and wellness
More energy
Elimination of toxins from the body
Improved sleep

Improved skin and hair
Decreased swelling
Mental clarity
Decreased inflammation
Chronic pain

Do you want to do our
DETOX program?

There are three program options:

Silver DETOX - AyurGourmet Food DETOX Program

Do you want to do the Nat Lorente DETOX week but you do not want to do an ayurvedic consultation? Silver DETOX is for you. In Nat Lorente Ayurveda Clinic.

How does this work? We have created a neutral program for those people who want to do the DETOX week but not the ayurvedic consultation.

Nat Lorente Ayurveda Clinic always recommends doing an ayurvedic consultation in order to know your dosha (body biotype) the DETOX week is totally personalized for you and your specific goal. But results are guaranteed if you just order the AyurGourmet Food DETOX week Program.