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Dharma Nutrition

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You will never be the same.

The largest Nutrition Clinic in South Florida. We CARE about YOU. That is why we have the best professionals, programs, meal prep and services for you. 

Semaglutide at Dharma

#1 Weight Loss Medication in the USA

Lose up to 20 lbs in 30 Days

Semaglutide - Most efficient method

Semaglutide is a Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) produced by the gut. It increases insulin production, a hormone that lowers the blood sugar level while inhibiting glucagon secretion, which is a hormone that raises blood sugar, reduces appetite and energy intake while delaying gastric emptying. Potential Benefits of use Semaglutide in Weight Loss:

  • Decrease Appetite​

  • Lowers HbA1c levels

  • Slows Digestion

  • Reduces food intake by lowering appetite

  • Reduces food intake by lowering appetite

  • Lose Weight & Body Fat Percentage

  • Enhance the Growth of ß cells in the pancreas

Nutrition & Detox

Best combination for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is Easy

If you are in the right place

Losing weight is easier than you think. Do you know your body biotype? Do you know which foods are good for you? 


Here, at Dharma, we will examine you as a whole, mind and body. We will understand your body biotype, metabolism, your difficulties and your strengths. Then we will guide you nutritionally, mentally and we also provide personalized meals ready-to-eat. Here, success is guaranteed.


Our Wellness Phylosophy

We believe in that everyone need to have the opportunity to achieve their best version. Our desire of Wellness Philosophy delivers life-transforming results.

Alexa Young, Jupiter FL

“After I started my program at Dharma, everything in my life changed. They

gave me my nutritional plan, as well as teas and ayurvedic supplements. I started  following their tips and taking the pills and tea and like magic everything got better. My self-esteem improved, the pimples on my skin disappeared, in addition to losing 5 kg with the ayurvedic protocol. I'm still on treatment, but not to lose more weight but because of the benefits provided by this miraculous medicine in my life! I'm super happy with the results.."

The founder of Dharma Nutrition & Ayurveda Clinic

Nat Lorente
Weight Loss and DETOX expert

“I’m Natasha Lorente, owner of Dharma Nutrition and Ayurveda Clinic, the biggest nutrition clinic in South Florida. I am an Ayurvedic Counselor and Nutritional Coach. Miguel's first-time mother and entrepreneur, I am passionate about a healthy, balanced, and happy life.​​

My desire to change people’s life was so big that I dedicate myself to study on Nutrition and Ayurveda Medicine because I believe that with it, we unite body and mind, transforming us from inside to outside.​​​I help you achieve the best results by understanding and caring for your individuality.​​I teach you how to change your lifestyle through Nutrition and Ayurveda"

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